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Broken house selling chains can create a nightmare situation. You are about to buy the property of your dreams, and your buyer suddenly pulls out at the last minute.  There probably isn’t time to re-advertise and find a new buyer before the whole chain collapses and you lose the home you wanted, so what can you do?

House-Quick-Sell® are a cash buyer who have the available funds on-hand to purchase your property almost instantly so there is no worrying about the chance of a broken chain that could cause your home sale to collapse or be delayed.

If you are selling your property in a normal property chain situation (e.g through an Estate Agent) your intended purchaser can break the chain by changing his mind and deciding not to buy your property. If this happens then you lose your buyer, causing the property sale to collapse and meaning you have to start again to find a new purchaser.

We can resolve broken chain situations

By purchasing your property from you very quickly and with as little hassle as possible. We guarantee to buy your house within a timescale that works for you!

Also, when selling through us you deal directly with the purchaser of your property meaning there are no third parties involved making the whole process alot more transparent and efficient.

A broken house chain can delay house sales for many months

HQS is able to step in here and take the place of the buyer who has dropped out.

We can do this very quickly – as a homebuying company, we have the cash reserves and you don’t need to wait for us to go out and get a mortgage.  There is also no need for us to carry out searches that are usually required, which again speeds the process up. 

This speed is really important in a broken chain situation, which is why HQS can often exchange contracts within 24 hours of you making contact.  Completion of the sale can be as quick as 7 days, putting you right back in the position you were in before your original buyer dropped out.

Ultimately, HQS provide an almost seamless fix so that the other people involved don’t even need to know that the chain had almost collapsed.

So if you want to sell your house fast then get in touch calling 0800 0845 025 to speak to one of our friendly advisors or complete the form for your free on obligation cash offer.

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Anne's house was bought in the fastest way possible"It was very good, got the information straight away and it went through very quickly"

-Mrs Anne, Milton keynes


Another actual testimonial from Mr J. from Wigan, UK"Straight talking, straight dealing", "Very good, very professional"

-Mr J, Wigan


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There will be no messing about with last minute reductions, survey delays or other problems that you hear of with normal sales – once terms are agreed, we stick to them.

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We hold your personal data in a secure location and will not rent or sell your email address Your information is 100% confidential


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