6 Reasons why Property buyers can save the day

Traditional buyers are something of a rarity in the current UK housing market. If you've been involved in selling a house in the last few years, or even if you're only just thinking about it, you can't have failed to notice that there are a lot of houses on the market and fewer people in a position to buy them. However there are other options, specialist homebuyers companies who can bring many benefits to the table.

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The traditional property buyer

Finding and attracting a buyer through a traditional route is obviously much more difficult than it was a few years ago, and you can't just rely on a buyer coming to you. You might be able to afford to wait a while, and if you can then good luck to you, but there are a lot of people who can't afford to wait. This is where quick homebuying companies come in as they are able to take up some of the slack caused by the lack of buyers.

Theres faster property buying options out there

So what can fast property buying company offer?

A modern homebuying company can be thought of in exactly the same way as an ordinary cash buyer. Instead of having to wait for them to obtain a mortgage and go through all the legal processes that that entails, you are able to sell to them very quickly and receive cash for your property in return. Of course, like all cash buyers they expect a discount on the sale price, but for some sellers this can be greatly outweighed by the advantages which are given below:

1. Speed

The average sale to a quick property buyer is completed in just a couple of weeks, and it can be even quicker than that if required – seven days from start to finish is not uncommon. Compare that to the average estate agents sale time of around six months, and you can see why this method of selling appeals to those who need to raise cash quickly.

2. Guaranteed sales

Once these companies have agreed to buy your property, they will honour the agreement. There will be no messing about at the last minute with dropping the price or deciding that they don't want the property after all, and you can sign up for traditional buyers who can and do change their minds right up to the last minute.

3. Cost effective

Selling to a company could actually be more cost-effective than using the traditional route. As these companies don't charge a commission and will often pay for all the legal fees themselves, all the cash you get the sale is yours to use as you see fit. While it's true that the sale price will be less than the price of estate agent will ask, there might not be much difference by the time you have factored in those fees.

4. Confidentiality

One of the worries of sellers, especially those who are selling due to some sort of financial issue, is that everyone nearby will know that they are having to sell their house. It's almost impossible to keep it quiet if you go down the traditional estate agent route as the house obviously has to be advertised and people need to view it. They guide you through the entire process and the only visit needed is to confirm the agreement & official valuation and there is no public advertising at all.

5. Flexibility

Traditional estate agents often aren't very flexible. They can be fussy about types of property, conditions of property, or the areas they are in and may refuse to market them. Cash buying companies are much less fussy, property buyers like HQS can buy from Scotland, North east to London - anywhere in the UK. They will always be interested in properties that other estate agents won't market.

6. Simplicity

The sale process is made as easy as possible. The valuer is the only person who needs to visit the property, and they can do this at a time to suit you. Unlike selling through estate agents, there is no need to wait in while potential buyers look round and following the valuer's visit you will receive a cash offer for the property.

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