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With the lack of movement in the housing market you might often hear "I wish I could find someone to buy my home!". Many people are trapped in this situation, where they need to sell their home yet they just can’t find a buyer. They can’t, that is, until they find out about House-Quick-Sell®, the specialist home buying company.

3 important benefits for you :

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buy my home now please!

Who are House-Quick-Sell?

HQS has been in the house buying business for nearly 20 years, and in that time they’ve seen plenty of competitors come and go. The reason they’re still around is because they treat their customers fairly, and don’t make ridiculously low offers just because they know the seller has to move fast. Customer service is important to them and they put themselves in the sellers position, asking how they’d like to be treated and making sure that is how they do it.

How can their buying service benefit me?

HQS offer "buy my house" services all across the UK with no exceptions. If you’re worried that the location of the property you want to sell isn’t good, or it isn’t in a good state of repair, try them out. They will buy any type of property, in any condition, anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales, and they can’t stress that enough. Everything is of interest to them, and once they say they’ll buy your property they won’t back out as all sales are guaranteed – the only way it can be stopped is if you, the seller, wants the sale halted.

How would the process work?

If you choose to contact HQS to find out what they’d pay for your property, they’ll only need a few details from you. The location, the approximate value and outstanding mortgage, and type of house are more or less all they need from you. They will then do some initial investigation, and come up with an estimate of the value of your property. If that seems ok to you, then they’ll arrange for a more detailed assessment which may involve a home visit from a Chartered Surveyor, who will also look at what properties similar to yours have sold for recently. One word about this valuation though - don’t be surprised if it comes in lower than what estate agents have quoted you. This is because estate agents have to cover their own commission fees and they also expect buyers to haggle, so in the end you could be looking at an agreed sale price through them that is perhaps 10% lower than the asking price. On the other hand, there’s none of that with HQS as you won’t need to pay them any commission and they’ll even pay your legal fees if you use a solicitor from their panel. With all that taken into account, you could even be looking at getting a better price from HQS than you would through a traditional channel.

Once you accept the offer, all that’s needed is to agree dates for exchange and completion between yourself and HQS. The dates you choose are entirely up to you, so if you want to complete in a week that’s possible, and if you want to wait a month that’s ok too – you’ll be working to your schedule on this sale, not anybody else’s. Once the completion goes through and the house is legally sold, you’ll receive a cash payment which is yours to do with as you please.

How do I get my Free No obligation valuation?

So, if you are thinking that you need someone to “buy my home quick”, make contact with HQS and see what they can do for you. They’ll provide a no-obligation quote for you quickly, and you can then decide whether they live up to their claims. What have you got to lose?

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What actual customers are saying...

Video testimonial from Mr Wigan"Straight talking, straight dealing", "Very good, very professional"

-Mr J, Wigan


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