Buy my property: 4 Must ask demands before you sell

If I was looking for somebody to buy my property, I’d have a list of things that I’d expect, even more so if they wanted to buy my house for cash. I wouldn’t want it all one way – I’m doing them a favour by selling them my house, so the least they can do is provide somethings in return right? On this page, I’m going to share that list with you.

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4 Demands before you let anyone buy your property for cash

So what are my demands?

Lets face it, I might want someone to buy quick but that doesn’t mean I’m going to just hand them the keys if they make me some vague promises. I want some guarantees, so I’ll be looking for and demanding the following:

1. Don’t mess me about

If someone makes an appointment to value my house, I expect them to keep it. I don’t want to, and won’t, deal with a company that keeps me waiting in all day for a visit that never happens. On the other hand, you’ll get a lot of points for responding to me quickly and working your valuation visit around my availability.

2. Treat me fairly

That’s all I ask. I realise I probably won’t get the top rate if someone turns up wanting to buy my property quickly, but that doesn’t mean I’ll roll over and let you take the mickey by offering a ridiculously low amount either. Offer me a decent price that lets me sort out the reason for selling the property, and I’ll be happy. While we are talking about treating me fairly, I also expect you to provide me with regular updates about the progress of the sale so I know everything is still on track.

3. Stick to agreements

I’m trusting you here. I need to know that if we agree on a certain price, you aren’t going to change your mind and offer me less at the last minute. I also want to be sure that once we’ve agreed a date for the exchange and completion, you’ll stick to it. If I name a date I want the deal done by, it’s probably because I’ve got a good reason for it and if it isn’t going to be possible, I need you to tell me right away.

4. Pay my fees

Granted, I’m being cheeky with this one, but why shouldn’t I ask for more? I’ve got a good reason for selling this property quickly, and as you are likely to be getting it at a slight discount because it’s convenient, I want you to throw in a free extra. Doing that will create a lot of goodwill on my side and save me the hassle of paying out more money.

How does a company Like House-Quick-Sell® fit In?

HQS can meet all the above demands, and if you have any more specific requirements then these will also be accommodated wherever possible.

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Once one of our property consultants has reviewed the details a cash offer will be provided. If you are happy to take the next step we will arrange a valuation at a time that suits you. Assuming the RIC's valuation is successfull, all that remains is to sign the paperwork and agree a date for completion, which can be as little as 7 days away. Once committed, HQS will follow the process through to the end and stick to the letter of any agreement made with you, the seller.

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