4 Smart tips that will get you that Fast House Sale

People looking for a fast house sale are becoming increasingly common in the current market. A fast sale can be achieved in as little as 7 day by selling via a specialist quick house sale company but what are some other things you can do to improve your chances?

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It is probably true to say that everyone wants those "lucky" fast sale houses that seem to fly off the estate agents shelves without the owners having to any extra work.

Everyone wants a Fast House Sale

The truth is, when the market is moving slowly then it's becoming increasingly difficult to sell fast because of all the factors in the current economic slowdown.

If you're one of the growing number of people who need to move quickly, maybe have financial problems and related stresses such as marital breakdown, the need to downsize, or the need to raise cash quickly to keep the chain moving are just some of the reasons. Then reading the tips below may give you an idea of what to do next.

4 Ways to speed up the sale

1. Choose Wisely

There are lots of estate agents out there, and it's a cut throat world right now with all of them competing for your business. Make sure you choose one who knows your area and your type of property, as they are more likely to attract the type of buyer who is interested in your house. Get the wrong one, and the whole process could drag on for a long time.

2. Think Smart

By this I mean make the house look smart. You don't have to spend a fortune to do it, I'm not talking about splashing out on a brand-new kitchen and bathroom, although obviously these are big selling points and could differentiate you from competition, but that only works if you have the money to do it. I'm talking more about freshening up the house with a bit of paint, tidying the garden and driveway, and fixing all the little smacking jobs that you never quite got round to such as dripping taps and blown lightbulbs. At the moment many buyers are looking for properties that they can move straight into, and don't want to take on a property that needs any sort of finishing off, however nice it is otherwise.

3. Show That Everything Fits

The professionals call this de-cluttering. I just like to think of it as showing that the house has plenty of room for all your belongings. To impress potential buyers, you need to make sure that everything is tidied away neatly, thus demonstrating that the house has more than enough storage for all the residents belongings. Leaving piles of clothes, toys or other things out on display makes the house look small and cramped as well as untidy, and will put buyers off.

4. Price It Correctly

Many houses hang about on the market for a long time simply because the asking price is too high. This can put people off even viewing it, let alone actually buying it, and if you are after a fast house sales then it can be fatal. Applying a bit of reverse psychology here can work wonders. Work out what your house is worth on the open market, and then discount the asking price by 10, 15, or even 20%. The idea here is that you will attract people to view the property, and you may even get several who want to buy it, in which case you can play them off against each other, pushing the price up all the time.

5. OK we are cheating here but have you considered selling to a specialist homebuying company like House-Quick-Sell?

This is an increasingly popular way of selling a home quickly, and for many people it may be the only way to achieve the sale in the time they need. We pride ourselves in our competitive offers and unlike other compaines we have cash waiting to buy properties like yours. From start to finish your sale can happen in as few as seven days.

We are experts at buying homes fast and do everything they can to make the process as easy for the seller as possible. That includes not being fussy about their property type, location, or even the condition of it – we will buy just about anything, anywhere.

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