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House-Quick-Sell® is one of the top companies in the property buyers market. Operating for 20 years and is a national, well known brand with presenters such as Marverine Cole from Sky News explaining how we work (see her introduction on the homepage).

If you are one of the ever growing numbers of people who want, or even need, to sell your house then you’ve come to the right place – HQS is a cash buyer of property. There is a distinct lack of UK property buyers at the moment, but we are geared up to help out people who, for whatever reason, need to sell their properties quickly and we’ve been doing it successfully for a number of years. Read on to find out more about where we cover, what we do and how we can help you.

Location, Location, Location

That’s one of things we don’t worry about – we don’t mind where your house is located, so if you are selling a home in Scotland, England or Wales we’ll cover it. When considering whether we will buy from you or not, all we need to know is that you are in one of those countries – as long as you are, we’ll be willing to buy from you. Try getting that sort of guarantee from an estate agent!

It isn’t just the fact that we aren’t fussy about the location that makes us different to the buyers you usually find on the open market, though. As stated earlier, we also make our purchases for cash, which in the current climate is rarer than hens’ teeth. We have our own funds and don’t need to go out to obtain a mortgage like a traditional buyer, and many of our customers find our quick house sale service to be a huge benefit.

A genuine cash buying service

Firstly, paying in cash means that selling to us can be much faster than usual. In most cases the sale is completed in two or three weeks, but in certain circumstances we can that it in as little as 7 days, and just as importantly if you need longer than that we can wait too.

No 3rd parties to slow things down

Secondly, the cash payment is made directly to you, the seller. This means that it is up to you what you do with it and also that you don’t have any third party involvement, such as an estate agent, who would normally take a chunk of commission out of it.

You Want More?

So we buy properties in any location but if you want to sell your houue for cash we offer that too, and can do it very quickly if you want us to. Isn’t that enough? Well, we didn’t think so and plenty of our customers agree, so we also offer the following benefits.

Legal fees paid

As well as all the above, we pay for all the legal fees. That includes yours, believe it or not. It’s only fair that if we are buying from you we organise all the legal side of things and pick up your costs.

No "for sale" signs

We are discreet, too. No big ‘For Sale’ signs will be put round your property, telling everybody you are wanting to move. You won’t get visitors up and down your path as they come to view your house, either. In fact, the only visit that is required is from our valuer, who will need to make a brief inspection to confirm the value.

Accurate, fair valuations

Our experienced property advisors will ensure a fair market value is estimated for your property, if you decide to accept the cash offer an official independant RIC's valuation will be conducted anyway so it's in our interest to get this right! Market values of property has dropped across nationwide, even in the nicer parts of the UK - house prices in Scotland have dropped just as much as the London regions.

Stop repossession orders

If you are selling because of financial difficulties (and that’s not the only reason to sell – emigration, preventing a chain collapsing, and selling investment properties are common reasons too) then we can help there. Our specialist house buyers ‘Stop Repossession’ service that means we can work with your lender to halt any possession proceedings while the sale to us goes through, allowing you to avoid repossession completely and of course avoid that huge black mark on your credit history.

Next Steps

Selling a home in Scotland, England or Wales isn't easy right now. If any of part of this article has rung a bell with you and you are interested in selling to HQS, or if you just want to find out more about how we can help you, all you need to do is contact us. Call us or use the website enquiry form and we’ll talk to you in more detail about your options and how our sales process works. We pride ourselves on being the best the best property buyers Scotland, England and Wales, but we can’t prove that to you until you contact us!

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Anne's house was bought in the fastest way possible"It was very good, got the information straight away and it went through very quickly"

-Mrs Anne, Milton keynes


Mrs Phillipa's sold in 3 weeks with no house selling fees to pay"We are very pleased with the service that we've have had", "it's just taken about 3 weeks"

-Mrs Phillipa, Cheshire


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