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House-Quick-Sell® offers help with house repossession law to anyone who is experiencing issues in keeping up to date with their mortgage payments.

We had an interesting case this month whereby the vendor assumed that they had a debt of £85,000, however upon receiving redemption figures the actual debt was £105,000. There was a second charge on the property which had been miscalculated. Clearly the debt was greater than HQS's offer and the Customer had to find £20,000 or the sale would have fallen through.

However there is always a solution and House-Quick-Sell’s debt negotiating arm managed to receive the necessary authorisation from the vendor to discuss a final settlement figure with the second charge company. Having negotiated strongly we managed to reduce the second charge by 50% saving the vendor a whopping £20,000! Ultimatelt this stopped the home repossession.

Let’s take a look at how this works

House Quick Sell offer - £85,000
Mortgage - £60,000
Secured loan - £20,000

Total - £80,000

(So the vendor would end up with £5000)

However we found that the secured loan was actually £45,000 so the total required to clear the debt now was £60,000 (mortgage) + £45,000 (secured loan) which equates to £105,000!

A month of negotiation and three weeks later the vendor was free of debt and profited £5000! Not bad and all in seven weeks…

“I can’t believe how in such a short space of time my life has changed! I feel relieved and do not have to worry about the next payment or indeed the next eviction notice. House Quick Sell have given me a new start and I really thank them for that, they were spot on and although some glitches which naturally occurs they always gave 100% and delivered on their promises! I would strongly recommend House Quick Sell to anyone wanting a quick sale”

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