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House selling Legal & Valuation fees paid

3 important benefits for you :

tick1We guarantee a Cash offer

Free valuation & we buy in Any condition/location

tick2Quickly & Stress free

Sell within 7 days - Exchange in 24 hours!

tick3 class=100% Fee free

We take no commission and pay the legal fee's

Get started selling your property quickly We hold your personal data in a secure location and will not rent or sell your email address Your information is 100% confidential

House selling fees and other costs can often be ignored in the selling process as everyone is usually focused on the sale price!

At House-Quick-Sell®, we will not charge any type of upfront fees or any valuation fee and we also pay your legal fees up to £500 when using your own or our recommended solicitor.

We believe trust is very important when dealing with our customers and promise there are no hidden charges or surprises at any point throughout the entire process.

See the table below for a list of fee savings for a typical final offer on a £100k house:

Estate Agent Sale


Realistic RICS Valuation

About 10% below asking price


We only work with a RIC's valuation in mind

A typical offer from a buyer
About 4.7% below asking price


Our offer will vary depending on your situation*

Current mortgage payments

Traditional sales take around 6 months, meaning you must pay on-going mortgage payments over this time.


We can complete quickly, requiring you to only pay the current mortgage payment

Typical Solicitor Costs

Traditional sales require legals fees


We will pay for your legal fees.

Estate agent and other fees

Estate agent fees of about 2% + vat


We do not charge any commission

Typical Removal Expenses


We do not charge any commission

Property Insurance


No insurance is required as we arrange this

Repairs and Maintenance


No need to worry about these if selling to HQS

Total reductions


Actual payment to You

76.0% of the estate agent's original valuation

Our actual offer varies depending on the situation*

*Complete our no-obligation valuation & cash offer form to see what we can offer for your property.

  1. Our example is based on an Estate agent taking 6 months to find you a non cash buyer.
  2. When using House Quick Sell, you can expect to save at least 6 months of mortgage payments compared to selling through an estate agent.
  3. No home information pack will be necessary
  4. No property insurance is required as this is arranged and paid by our company.
  5. No repairs or maintenance to worry about when you sell to HQS.

Besides the savings on house selling fees, our service provides other less obvious savings such as saving money on unwanted future mortgage payments by completing very quickly. Stop wondering how to sell my house quickly; Get started with your no obligation consultation to see how our service can produce a solution that works for all parties.

House selling legal fees are paid by HQS

House-Quick-Sell® will save you money on fees whilst buying your house quickly, fairly and hassle free

What actual customers are saying...

Anne's house was bought in the fastest way possible"It was very good, got the information straight away and it went through very quickly"

-Mrs Anne, Milton keynes


Another actual testimonial from Mr J. from Wigan, UK"Straight talking, straight dealing", "Very good, very professional"

-Mr J, Wigan


Mrs Phillipa's sold in 3 weeks with no house selling fees to pay"We are very pleased with the service that we've have had", "it's just taken about 3 weeks"

-Mrs Phillipa, Cheshire


Watch actual private sale video testimonials

Our transactions are fast and very convenient. The whole process can be completed within 7 days, from initial contact to sale of the property. In addition all house selling legal fees will be paid by us.


How do I get started?

The first step in the process is to make get in touch with our team by completing the form or calling free on 0800 0845 025


HQS has been featured in popular media such as Find a Property

HQS has helped over 3000 home owners across the UK (England, Scotland and Wales) sell without paying fees
Get your Free Cash offer now

We hold your personal data in a secure location and will not rent or sell your email address Your information is 100% confidential


P.S. Don't forget if you don't like our offer you can simply walk away!


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