National Property Buyers - what are the benefits?

HQS is one of a number of national property buyer that are around at the moment.  You might have already checked out other property buyers, or maybe we’re the first site you’ve landed on.  Regardless, we’re confident that you won’t need to look anywhere else once you’ve seen what we offer to our customers.

3 important benefits for you :

tick1We guarantee a Cash offer

Free valuation & we buy in Any condition/location

tick2Quickly & Stress free

Sell within 7 days - Exchange in 24 hours!

tick3 class=100% Fee free

We take no commission and pay the legal fee's

Get started selling your property quickly We hold your personal data in a secure location and will not rent or sell your email address Your information is 100% confidential

"Go On Then, Convince Me"

What is about us that makes us better than our competitors, then? What is that we do differently? Some of the points below should give you a good idea...

National Property Buyers (UK)1. We are truly national

We cover every location in England, Scotland and Wales, unlike some others who claim to be ‘UK property buyers’ and then list a number of areas they won’t buy in. We won’t turn you down on the grounds that we don’t cover that area, or give you some excuse that the area isn’t suitable for our clients. If you are selling, we want to buy, regardless of where you are.

2. We don’t mind what the property actually is

It can be a terrace, a flat, a bungalow or a mansion, and anything else you can think of. Like the location, we won’t turn you down because you have the ‘wrong’ type of property.

3. Condition doesn’t matter

Estate agents will tell you to bring a property up to fate before selling it, and some of our competitors will turn you down if the house isn’t reasonably modern. As a national buyer of property we understand that you might not have the funds or the time to bring the house up to show house condition, and we don’t expect you to have done it. We’ll still make you a cash offer regardless of the condition.

4. We don’t charge you anything

Not a bean. Not a sausage. Estate agents will charge will you a commission. Other home buying companies may charge an arrangement fee, or an admin fee, or expect you to pay your legal fees. We don’t ask for any of that. If you use solicitors who are members of our panel, we’ll even pay their fees too, leaving you with every penny of the cash we buy your house for.

5. Your personal circumstances don’t make any difference

We don’t take advantage if we know you need to sell quickly – in fact, if you have a tight timescale due to financial difficulties we can offer you assistance in the form of a ‘stop repossession’ service if it’s needed. Whatever your situation, we’ll treat all our customers with the level of care, attention and fairness that we believe they deserve.

6. When we commit, we commit

Once we’ve agreed to buy your house, we guarantee that it will happen. We’ll give you the valuation very quickly too, as we realise that it’s not pleasant to be waiting for someone to call you back and confirm they’ll buy from you, especially if you need to sell quickly.

7. The service is tailored around you.

Our national property buying service has been around for so long for a reason. You have a life and you don’t need to be adding to its complexity by trying to work us into it as well, so HQS will fit around your needs and schedules. We will make sure that everything is done at your convenience, right from the initial contact to the valuation visit and the timing of the exchange and sale.

"Ok I’m interested. What Do I Do now?"

If you have decided to take the next step with us, or even if you have a few more questions and want to know more about how we work and how we can help you, then you need to get in touch.  You can do that either through the enquiry form below or calling 0800 0845 025. We only need a few details from you to be able to get the sale process moving.  We are established national property buyers and our consultation and offer are 100% free so what have you got to lose?

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What actual customers are saying...

We bought Anne's house quickly and with zero hassle"It was very good, got the information straight away and it went through very quickly"

-Mrs Anne, Milton keynes


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We hold your personal data in a secure location and will not rent or sell your email address Your information is 100% confidential

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