Why Selling a House at Auction may NOT be the best option for you.

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Looking at selling your house at auction?

Selling houses at auction is often touted as the best solution for those who are unable to sell through the normal channels, or who really can’t afford to wait for the day when a buyer is finally introduced via the estate agents. It’s fair to say that this method of selling does have some advantages, but have you properly considered the alternatives?

A cash buying company, for example, may be able to help you out and either improve on the benefits of the auction or avoid its possible traps. In this article, I’m going to look at some of the ways that a "sell my house quickly" cash purchase company like HQS can do exactly that.

When you are selling house at auction you are taking a risk!
Selling a house at auction is
NOT the most reliable option!

4 BIG Reasons why trying HQS is a safer option than an auction:

1. Guaranteed Sales

Cash for property companies often make the promise that they’ll buy any type of property, in any condition, and in any location. The stats of companies like HQS back that up to, with over 3,000 householders helped since they were found 18 years ago. Unfortunately for sellers, the same can’t be said of selling your property at auction. You are still reliant on the right people attending the auction, and they have to want to buy your property – if there are better ones there, or the auction is poorly attended, then your property might not sell at all. Ask yourself which you’d rather have – a guaranteed sale, or the chance of having to go through it all again at the next auction?

2. Guaranteed Price

When HQS make a cash offer, they stick to it and that’s exactly what they pay you. There’s no deduction for commission, selling fees or even legal fees, as there can be with other sale routes including auctions, so you know up front exactly how much will be in your pocket at the end of the process. While it’s true that with auctions you can specify a minimum that you will accept for the sale to go through, you also have to spend a bit of time working out the deductions and, of course, that’s all assuming you are going to get a buyer in the first place.

3. Faster Sales

On average, the sales process with a property buying company takes only a few weeks to go through from initial enquiry to completion and cash payment. In some cases, and dependant on the customers’ needs, that can be reduced to as little as 7 days. In comparison when selling house at auction you will be to factor in lead time, and that can be a month or two. The problem with auctions is that the auctioneer needs time to allow your property details to be included in the sales brochure, time to send it out to potential buyers, time for the buyers to view and carry out searches, and finally it has to fit in with the scheduled auction dates which may only be once a month. Once again, ask yourself what you’d prefer – a guaranteed sale in the next couple of weeks, or a possible sale in the next couple of months?

4. Customer Focused

Any company that buys houses for cash has a direct relationship with their customers, and because of this they have to treat them well. They need to work around the sellers needs and timescales, and keep them informed at every stage, otherwise they just don’t survive. That’s in direct to an auction house who are just acting as a middleman rather than an actual customer, and frankly they know that if they don’t get the private sellers coming to them they’ll still have the steady business from bank and building societies repossessions, creditors selling bankruptcy case properties, and estates disposing of houses under the terms of wills. Because of that, some don’t always give individual sellers the care they deserve, and as outlined above all sales have to meet a schedule anyway.

So, there you have the details you need about why selling houses at auction isn’t necessarily the best way to go. There may be no need to "auction my house" when you can try HQS's no obligation service and get a cash offer within hours.

It might be worth your time working out the answer to the question “how to sell my house at auction?”. Give HQS a call or fill in the website enquiry form below, and see what they can do for.

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